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Mod Social

We were asked to create a social bookmarking module for Joomla! 1.5 for the UN's CoolPlanet project. Our man at the UN kindly gave us permission to release the module to the Joomla community, so here it is...

Social bookmarking module logo

This module will show selected social bookmarking icons. This module allows you to add custom social bookmarking links in case you have a link which we've not included.

To change the icons you can grab new ones from IconsPedia and replace the icons in the module's images folder

Download: Mod Social


PictoBrowser Module


Mod PictoBrowser

PictoBrowser is a free web application that displays Flickr images on websites and blogs. This module shows PictoBrowser within Joomla!

Download: Mod PictoBrowser

Learn how to set up Mod Picto...

MorfeoShow Modules

Following a forum request we've decided to release a couple of modules for the popular Joomla! gallery extension MorfeoShow from the guys over at JoomlaItalia.

Mod MFSlideShow

MorfeoShow Slideshow module logo

This module will show selected galleries in MorfeoShow's simple slideshow format. This module has been updated with the IE fixes provided by our members in the forum.

Download: Mod MFSlideshow

Mod SimpleViewer

MorfeoShow Simple Viewer module logo

This module will show selected galleries in MorfeoShow's simple viewer format

Download: Mod SimpleViewer

* These modules are provided free of charge under the same GPL license as Joomla! and as such are provided devoid of any guarantees or waranties
** Both of these module require MorfeoShow Gallery to be pre-installed on your Joomla! website