PictoBrowser Module



Mod PictoBrowser

PictoBrowser is a free web application that displays Flickr images on websites and blogs. This module shows PictoBrowser within Joomla!

Download: Mod PictoBrowser

Mod PictoBrowser is highly configurable with a few simple parameters and some advanced parameters:

Mod Picto parameters
  • Module Class Suffix: Enter a module class suffix if you need to.
  • Flickr Username: Enter your flickr username.
  • Flickr User ID: Enter your flickr user ID.
  • Set ID: Enter the ID of the set (flickr gallery) you would like to show
  • Image Tags: Add the tags for the images you'd like to show
  • Height: Enter the height of your PictoBrowser.
Mod Picto advanced parameters
  • Background Color: You can enter a background color to match the background of your module position. Enter the color in HEX format (without the preceeding # sign).
  • Show Images Titles: Select whether or not to show the image titles.
  • Display Notes: Select whether or not to display the notes.
  • Display Zoom: Select whether or not to show the image zoom function.
  • Display Thumbnails: Select whether or not to show the thumbnail strip.
  • Image Size: Select which flickr image size to show.
  • Initial Scale: Select wwhether or not to initially scale the images.
  • Vertical Align: Select how to align your images.
  • Vertical Offset: Add a vertical offset value (in px).
  • Thumbnail Panel Transparency: Add a transparency value for the thumbnail strip (as a %)
  • Loop: Select whether or not to loop the images.

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