modgallery Demo - Mediabox Advanced Layout

Module Installation

To install modgallery log into your Joomla! site's administrator panel wih Super Administrator privliges and install it as you would any other 3rd party Joomla! module.

  1. From the top menu select Extensions > Install/Uninstall.
    demo image
  2. Browse to and select your modgallery module zip file that you downloaded.
    demo image
  3. Click on Upload file and install.
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Module setup

To set up modgallery to show photographs and images from your local filesystem using the Basic layout follow these simple steps:

Module parameters section
  1. Select the folder you'd like to select images from, from the dropdown list.
    If Joomla 1.5.x then upload your image folders to the images/stories/ folder.
    If Joomla 1.6.x then upload your image folders to the images/ folder.

    demo image
  2. Select the Basic layout from the dropdown list.
    demo image
  3. Select the thumbnail photo size from the dropdown list.
    You can select from the following sizes: square (75px x 75px); thumbnail (100px x 75px); small (240px x 180px).
    demo image
  4. Select the large photo size from the dropdown list.
    You can select from the following sizes: medium (500px x 375px); large (1024px x 768px); original (the original dimensions of your images).
    demo image
  5. You can limit how many images you want to display.
    demo image
  6. Select the sort order of your images.
    You can select from the following: A-to-Z; Z-to-A; Latest First; Oldest First.
    demo image
Advanced parameters section - Mediabox Advanced Options
  1. Select which theme you want to use.
    You can choose from Black or White.
    demo image
  2. Select whether or not to how image filename as a caption.
    demo image
Other parameters section
  1. You can select whether or not to show the module's logo.
    Although you can switch the logo off we'd of course appreciate if you left it in place to provide a visual link back to Bulletproof Templates.
    demo image